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Mezcal is an elixir, which can clear up and confuse your mind at the same time. With its different forms of manufacture it goes back onto a balsam made by the Indians from Oaxaca. Mezcal is made like Tequila out of an agave-plant. But instead of the blue webber agave, for Mezcal the espadin agave is used. These agaves grow mainly in the State of Oaxaca, where traditionally the best Mescals are produced. Also the production process differs to the Tequila. The Mezcal is roasted in contrast to the Tequila, which is heated up in furnaces, over charcoal.

Thus they get a smoky flavour. ... with worm There are two species existing of the worms living in agave plants: the red ones, who live in the roots and the white ones, who live in the sheets of the agaves. The worm gives the Meszals its popular look and is completely innocuous for the health. Sometimes these worms will become roasted or even eaten roasted or got pulverized and mixed afterwards with salt and spices to the so-called "worm salt", which the “authentic” Mezcal drinker uses for peppering his shot.