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Don Luis Anejo 100% Agave
El Senorio -Extra-Reposado

La Fogata Anejo  
Gusano Rojo mit Wurm
100% Agave
38% Vol.
Aged: 2 years in oak barrel
Color: amber
Nose: full fresh aroma, easily smoky
Taste: vanilla, smoky, full permanent aroma, incredibly mild
Mezcal Don Luis - 100% Agave
This Mezcal of extraordinary depth and character and with an unparalleled smoothness was yield from the wide fields of Oaxaca.
No other Mezcal embodies the exceptional spirit, fragrance and flavor of the purest blue agave like Mezcal Don Luis.
Origin: Sociedad de Productores del Sur - Oaxaca - Oaxaca - Mexico

Age: Rests 10-12 months in American oak barrels.
Color: Champagne clarity with yellow shades of honey gold.
Bouquet: Intense with caramel like notes and powerful touches of the roasted agave.
Body: Full and rich with character developed in the nose and palate.
Palate: Balances the sweet and the astringent leaving a soft touch of smokiness in the aftertaste.
The most popular Mexican Mezcal is produced in Oaxaca, from 100% agave espadin. Mezcal Gusano Rojo has a genuine "Maguey worm" in each bottle. An old legend says
(or was it just a marketing gimmick?) that man who is courageously enough to swallow the worm, will attain mighty potency.

100% Agave
40% Vol.
Product: Mezcal  ategory: Anejo 
Aged: aged for 12 months in oak barrel 
Color: very pale straw in color 
Taste: the aromas are extremely vegetal, with a very faint smokiness that provides an interesting backdrop. The body is big and silky, and the palate, filled with wood-smoke flavors, is surprisingly understated. Some citrus notes also show themselves on the tongue, and the finish is warm and very long-lasting.